McDonalds is one of the most recognized fast food places worldwide. McDonald’s advertisements are also some of the most recognized advertisements worldwide. The campaigning done for McDonalds brings in an audience of all ages; families, singles, teenagers, and the elderly. McDonalds uses all aspects of the media, including radio, television, movies, newspaper, magazines, and billboards. McDonalds even sponsors athletic events such as the Olympic Games. McDonalds is very well represented, McDonalds has made a huge publically noticed symbol for themselves and has their golden arches everywhere in the United States and worldwide. McDonalds is most recognized for their golden arches and Ronald McDonald himself, ever since the original McDonalds back in 1940 these have become the symbols of McDonalds and you have come to realize that you won’t see one without the other. McDonalds is also known for having very catchy slogans, they have gone through twenty-three different slogans in the United States. Its current being “I’m lovin’ it”, some others have been, “Look for the golden arches”, “Good time, great taste”, and “Put a smile on”. All of McDonald’s advertisements have a slogan and the golden arches on them, most are attended by Ronald as well. McDonalds advertises its dollar menu and its new healthy aspect fairly commonly. The dollar menu draws in an audience that appeal to people who would rather get something quick and easy, especially to college kids, the younger employed, and low income families. The healthy choices provided an audience of families, and normally the younger mothers and younger business women take advantage of these healthy choices. These advertisements are good for business but deny their audiences of the actual product being received. The healthy choice option makes you think that McDonalds is one of the healthier fast food restaurants out there, this not being the case. McDonald’s advertisers have done a good job on this are to have drawn in a huge audience allowing McDonalds to branch out to over 31,000 locations worldwide. Some of McDonald’s advertisements can be misleading. Specifically, one of McDonald’s advertisements, being one of the healthy choices advertisements, which portray a sense of freshness and health. In the advertisement it states, “we pick them one by one… we wash them one by one… a very light lunch, only 210 kcal…” with a picture of one of McDonald’s salads and the golden arches upside down spelling out “WOW’. This advertisement leads the consumer to believe that McDonalds is all about freshness and low calorie meals. Although this advertisement could be true, it still denies the fact that most of McDonald’s products are high in calorie intake and extremely bad for you. So even though McDonalds is providing healthier choices for its consumers, when a consumer goes to McDonalds for lunch on average, the majority go for their more famous selections, of the Big Mac, french fries, and soda. This specific advertisement also gives the consumer the misleading thought of “fresh”. Now most people know that McDonalds has each burger and nugget premade, and then just heated up and served to their consumer. But this advertisement lets the consumer think that McDonalds freshly makes everything by the text on this advertisement. The images and text alone on this print ad provide a quick and to the point statement about how fresh McDonalds is. It doesn’t offer much color, besides the vegetables and the golden arches, which therefore stands out and makes a statement. The golden arches in this advertisement provide the only truthful fact about McDonalds as a whole. The “WOW” statement, gives the consumer a thought of surprise, McDonalds itself is surprised that they have something on their menu that actually might be healthy. This advertisement gives off the wrong message to McDonalds consumers.

Another thing McDonalds does, is not only advertises but sponsors sports. McDonalds sponsors many different sporting events, including the Olympic Games, NCAA basketball championships, and even sponsors neighborhood little league baseball teams. McDonalds’ sponsorships are misleading themselves, McDonalds is a very unhealthy fast food restaurant and sporting events are for athletes that are in top shape. One of McDonald’s advertisements shows a football player and displays the text “Enjoy McDonald’s dollar menu before, during or after the game”. This is a very ironic advertisement for McDonalds. Not only is it horrible for athletes to eat any junk food before, during or after a game, McDonalds is already an extremely unhealthy place to eat. If this advertisement is pointed towards sports fans, it definitely goes along with the stereotype of at a sporting event junk food is what you eat. This advertisement also provides an eating special with new deals, which would bring a larger audience into McDonalds to eat. At the very bottom of the ad it displays the locations in which this special is accommodated. The text at the top of this advertisement would make you think that you would see this advertisement at sporting events, but with the locations at the bottom that means these advertisements were not just at sporting events. Which then brings up the question as to, why would McDonalds place an athlete on their advertisement. Because by eating McDonalds this is unhealthy and not likely for athletes to be doing. The text by itself shows a lot of misleading information along with the picture. The entire image is of football, it is on a football field with a football player and a football included with the golden arches. This is another one of the many McDonalds advertisements that gives off incorrect and deceiving information to the consumer.

McDonalds is a very unhealthy place and if you ever look at the calories in what you eat you might be surprised, I know I was. A Big Mac for example has 570 calories, a medium fry has 450 calories, and just a McDonald’s cheeseburger has 320 calories. McDonalds received a dose of their own medicine when the book and documentary “Supersize Me” came out in 2004. This documentary was shown throughout schools to teach the kids about the health issues and risks of McDonald’s food. That fast food industry is taking over America and approximately 60 million Americans are obese today. A perfect anti-advertisement for McDonalds is “I’m Luggin’ It”. This advertisement shows an obese man without his shirt on and his stomach being wheeled around in a construction site. This also being an ironic advertisement in the sense that many construction workers while on their break consume unhealthy products from McDonald’s menu. The new and improved slogan of “I’m Luggin It” being a spoof off the original “I’m Lovin’ It”. It is perfect in displaying that by consuming McDonalds you will be “luggin” it, “it” being the weight that you gain from McDonalds products. This advertisement might be a little harsh and insensitive, but this advertisement can put in perspective to consumers that McDonalds is not healthy and can cause serious problems. The image on this advertisement is perfect and ideal and draws the consumers’ direct attention to the huge stomach. Although this advertisement is funny, it’s the truth and is not misleading like the other McDonalds advertisements. The detail on this image is really superb, the construction worker even has a farmers tan from working which is noticeable because of the lack of his shirt.  The advertiser behind this advertisement was really very brilliant in the matter of the image and the text and connecting the two. The colors are also perfect; the colors are the yellow and red of McDonalds and really depict the effect of a real McDonald’s advertisement. This anti-advertisement is what is needed to show fast food consumers what McDonalds really is and how unhealthy it is. Many of McDonald’s commercials are of really skinny healthy looking people enjoying the great taste that McDonalds serves. By McDonalds choosing to use these skinny people to be in their commercials, McDonalds shows their audience yet another misleading fact of their products. Although yes there are skinny people that eat McDonalds, a majority of their consumers are at least a little overweight, just look around the next time you go to McDonalds. By having healthy looking people in their commercials it could allow the consumer market to believe that McDonalds is not unhealthy and could actually be either good for you or one of the better fast food restaurants available. If McDonalds would just use at least an average sized person in their advertisements it wouldn’t look as bad and wouldn’t be as misleading as the current commercials and advertisements. The obese man in the Anti-advertisement I would say is a little much, and I’m not saying to use obese people in their commercials, but this anti-advertisement does point out the fact that these healthy skinny people in McDonalds advertisements is not the reality of McDonalds.

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